Coverage of the 1998 Asian Games 
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December 3
Getting ready for the flame and looking for the Pusan Gang...

December 4
Celebrate the Eve of His Majesty's Birthday with this 'noise making' report from Bangkok.

December 5
Getting a kick out of birthday celebrations! Parades, fireworks, and some hard hitting entertainment.

December 7
Getting into the swing of 
things as Korea grabs silver

December 8
On the Road with the 
Pusan2002 organizers

December 9
Tae Kwon Don't -
Flying feet & Sitting strikes
 December 12
A day of grace, power, and finger lickin' good political statements!
 December 14
The Red Devils' heart breaking loss
Thrill of Victory - Dec. 16
December 16
Koreans have plenty to cheer as their medal count continues to climb
December 18
Many Chaiyo dolls handed out as the finals wrap up and the Mayor of Pusan arrives to receive the Asian Games torch
December 19
The Silom Street Carnival provides a festive end to the Games as Pusan takes its place of honor in a bizarrely Bangkok Parade

Interviews   -   Our conversations with some of the people who will make the 2002 Asian Games happen.

Audio Postcards