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Welcome.  I am delighted to launch Asianbridges here at the Second Biennial Pan Asian Tesol Conference.  Asianbridges is part of the Worldbridges webcasting network and  this conference represents much of what Worldbridges is about - people from different backgrounds and cultures gathering to learn together, explore different perspectives, and celebrate harmonious diversity.
   Today's technologies allow us to connect with each other is ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago.  Still in its early stages of evolution, Worldbridges is being designed  to tap into the wealth of 'home grown' multimedia that can be produced these days with standard equipment.  As Worldbridges grows, it will feature educational webcasting materials that are focused on exploring and appreciating the cultural diversity of our planet. As the name implies, Asianbridges will be a multimedia forum for the people and cultures of this vast continent to connect with each other and the entire world. At this point, Worldbridges is  more vision than reality, but our collaboration here in Seoul marks a significant step forward.  Previous online projects (Pusanweb, Worldbridges Tibet, and Travelbridges) have been primarily solo efforts.  The PAC2 websast is our most ambitious hi-tech adventure to date and involves the coordinated efforts of many organization leaders and volunteers.  Thanks to all those who have made this possible and those tuning in who play the most vital role in the success of this project.  I'll soon be uploading for a multimedia thanks to those involved and a behind the scenes look at this webcast.  Also, stay tuned to Worldbridges  in October for the launch of Wordbridge Korean, Online EFL lessons, and Pusanweb's webcasting coverage of The Chagalchi Fish Festival and Pusan International Film Festival.
    If have questions or comments about this webcast or the Worldbridges Network, please send them to me at: [email protected]

Fiberoptically Yours,
Jeff Lebow