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Sunday 1:15 - 2:05 PM
Ume Flower
Discover Debate, -Re-Discover Dialogue 
Michael Lubetsky, JALT, Japan
Charles LeBeau, NIC, Japan
David Harrington, The English Resource, Japan

Throughout Asia, teachers and students have discovered debate as a means to promote authentic communication. New debate programs have emerged in Korea, Thailand, and Mongolia; and last year, in the Philippines, the World University Debate Championship was hosted for the first time on Asia soil. 
Authentic communication demands equal measures of understanding and response. Surprisingly, many popular EFL classroom activities fail to meet these objectives. This workshop will identify common problems with conventional dialogue activities, and contrast them with the interactive communication engendered by debate. 
Participants will experience a variety of debate-as-dialogue activities, and learn techniques for introducing debate to students of all levels. The three presenters will draw upon their diverse experiences in the field, as well as from their new textbook, Discover Debate. 

Michael Lubetsky , author of Make Your Point! -- Debate for EFL Students and co-author of Discover Debate, taught debate for three years at Sagami Women's University High School and International Christian University. He was declared top speaker as a final round adjudicator at the 1998 World University Debate Championships.  Currently, he works as the research manager at an investment company in Tokyo.

Charles LeBeau was an aspiring jazz musician a long time ago in a galaxy, far, far away.  More recently, he is a co-author of Speaking of Speech--Basic Presentation Skills for Beginners, and more recently a co-author of Discover Debate -- Basic Skills for Supporting and Refuting Opinions.  He is one of the founders of NIC Tokyo and conducts NIC's two and three-day seminars on presentation and negotiation for major corporations in Japan.

David Harrington, co-author of Discover Debate, Speaking of Speech, What's in the Cards, and Street Talk --- Essential American Slang and Idioms, founded and continues to run The English Resource, a major distributor of teaching material in Japan.  He has a long teaching and publishing career dating back over twenty years.