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Using the Newspaper to Teach English
Lee Mijae
University of Suwon, Korea

By introducing English newspaper into classroom at any level(beginning, intermediate, and advanced) students 
1) increase social awareness, 
2) extend linguistic context into world matters, 
3) deal with real life in English from narrowing down the gap between bookish limited English and real life English,
4) broaden the perspective from local township to the global thinking, and 
5) improve the reading and writing skills besides listening and speaking: scanning and skimming practices.
For the beginning level 
1) recognition of alphabet, words already learned and names of people, places, organization and events( to avoid to fossilize
Konglish pronunciation(Korean way of saying) and
2) pictures are useful sources for describing pictures with students' own words and guessing and finding the words for elicitation. Games and pair works as well as group works
will be done beautifully.
For the intermediate level: 
wonderful for scanning and skimming(collecting gists) practices by choosing of students own choice: stock exchange is a good place for practicing 10,000(mann unit) and 100,000(ship mann unit), movies and TV program and classified ad 'Ann Landers' and sports. Reading and tell the read material in their own words for speaking to the pair and writing. For the advanced level :a lot of reading practice with editorial and political news and  cartoons and of discussion and debate in English. For any level students produce their own newspapers: I will show some newspaper of my elementary students and middle school students from my English camp and college students' English newspaper.

Mijae Lee is a professor at the University of Suwon as well as KOTESOL Kyonggi Chapter President. She obtained her Ph.D. from Seoul National University. She studied and taught at the Nothern Illinois University and Chicago State University and Harvard University. For her exemplary teaching of Korean language and culture at the Harvard University, she received a 'Certificate of Distinction in Teaching' from Harvard University in  September, 1989. She has received certificates from Homerton College of Cambridge University in EFL teacher training (1991) and Keble College of Oxford University in ESL/EFL material development (1994). Her major interests are language acquisition, teaching methodology, and classroom management with practical methods and tools, and the names of people and places in Britain, U.S.A. and Korea.