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Saturday 2:30 - 3:20
Cosmos C, Olympic ParkTel
Implementing an Effective Extensive Reading Program 


Thomas N. RobbKyoto Sangyo University, Japan
Do-Seon Eur, Korea University
Marc Helgesen, Miyagi Gakuin, Japan 
Ken Schmidt, Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan 

For more information, visit The Extensive Reading Site

Extensive reading -- having learners read a lot, with enjoyment being a major goal -- is an important, effective way to increase language ability. This presentation is aimed at the teacher who would like to implement an outside, extensive reading component to their regular curriculum. 

After a brief discussion of past research on the effectiveness of extensive reading, the presenters will share their experience on implementing programs, touching on the following points. 

  •  How to procure books at the appropriate reading and interest levels. 
  •  The choice of graded readers vs. books for native speaker young adults 
  •  Methods for checking that the reading has been done - reports, evaluations or summaries. 
  •  Books which have proved popular 

  • A new web site will be announced that contains copious information on extensive reading programs. 

    Thomas Robb, professor in the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kyoto Sangyo University is a former president of JALT, past member of the Executive Board of TESOL, and currently chair-elect of the TESOL CALL Interest Section.  He is involved in many Internet-related projects, including management of the Student List project, TESLJB-L and TESLHELP.  He is Technical Editor for TESL-EJ, the electronic journal for ESL/EFL, and Web Master for OUP's Springboards site.   He also runs an extensive reading program for 250 freshman English majors at his school each year.

    Do-Seon Eur, professor in Department of English Language Education at Korea University, Seoul, is now working on a pilot research project on ER , funded by Korean Research Foundation. He offers an extensive reading course at his school every semester. He also teaches "English Language through English Literature" in a four-week government-sponsored
    English Teachers Development Program every semester in Seoul.

    Marc Helgesen is known for his interactive teacher development workshops throughout Asia,   He's been a featured or invited speaker at KOTESOL, ThaiTESOL and JALT.   He's a professor at Miyagi Gakuin, Sendai, Japan and is an author of many books including English Firsthand,   Office/Travel File,, and Impact (Longman) and Active Listening (CUP).

    Ken Schmidt teaches at Tohoku Gakuin University.  He uses extensive reading in conjunction with conversation classes.  Ken is the past president and program chair of Sendai JALT.