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Sunday 2:15 - 3:05 PM
Mugung Hwa
Picture That! -- Drawing Techniques for Teaching False Cognates
David Shaffer
Chosun University, Korea

There has been a large influx of English loan-words into the Korean lexicon, and because of this, the number of false cognates it contains is also substantial. These false cognates, a.k.a. �false friends,� often become barriers to English learning because of the English learner�s unawareness of the difference in meaning in Korean from the English language source. Many of the most common of these problematic pairs and their semantic differences will be discussed. In addition, two classroom teaching techniques will be presented which effectively delineate the semantic differences in the pairs of false cognates. One of these techniques involves the use of pictorial representations by class members while the other involves a simple translation technique with interest-holding error analysis. In addition to the teaching techniques, the information presented on Korean-English false cognates may be of value to the EFL teacher in Korea.

David Shaffer has been an educator in Korea since 1971. Most of that time he has been at Chosun University, where he teaches EFL and where he completed his graduate studies in linguistics. In addition to teaching college-level courses, Dr. Shaffer has years of experience teaching both elementary and secondary school teacher training programs in EFL methodology and oral and writing skills. He has also prepared elementary school teacher training materials and secondary school textbook and test materials. His academic interests are in English semantics, ESL methodology, and Korean literature, especially the poetry of Yun Tong-ju. Dr. Shaffer has had a number of language- and culture-related columns in different Korean periodicals. At present he writes On the Road to Better English and Crackin� the Corean Code for The Korea Herald and Shaffer�s Native English for TIME Plus. He is also a member of the ESL Help Center team at Dave�s ESL Cafe where he answers questions daily.